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“Extremely clean and pleasant atmosphere. I actually enjoyed going and getting my laser treatments done! ”

Kelsey, February 2018

“Very friendly and professional, I am only halfway through with my treatments and already very impressed by the current results and very accepting of LGBTQ+ clients”

Brett, January 2018

“Method Aesthetics was there when I wanted to look my best for my daughter’s wedding. The Venus treatments are relaxing. Weeks before the wedding getting the full facial treatments made me confident to be in front of the camera. Thanks Method Spa.”

Lisa, May 2017

“Outstanding! The owner was knowledgeable and extremely professional. Don’t pass up the opportunity if you have the chance to patronize this business.”

Stephen, August 2016

“Great service Highly recommended”

October 05, 2015

“I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I love my younger looking face and neck. The treatments that I have received have tightened my “turkey neck” and jowls.

Additionally, I cannot believe how small my pores have become and the bags under my eyes have almost been eliminated. I was initially skeptical on whether I should have the treatments or just bite the bullet and invest money (and painful recovery) in a face lift — which by the way I was quoted at $14,000! I thought “Well, if I could stave off a few more years before I have to have that done it would be worth a try.”

I am SO glad I chose this option; it has been the best experience imaginable.”


“I have received facials in the past from various salons but the facial I received at Method was by far the best quality and overall experience. I did not have to select the type of facial I wanted from a salon menu. I simply relaxed, closed my eyes, and Katalin performed a customized facial for my face.

To accelerate the skin clearing process, Katalin recommended nutraMetrix supplements. I started taking them and I’ve noticed a big overall decrease in my number of breakouts.”


Dear Katalin,

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful spa treatment at the Omni William Penn Hotel.  I truly enjoyed it and have been spreading the word about your business.   Again, I thank you!

Amy Linder, January 3, 2016

“Excellent service – the best! Very knowledgeable and excellent! By far the best!”

September 12, 2015

“What a relaxing massage!”

August 07, 2015

“The staff is friendly and they truly care about your well-being. It is nice to visit a company or spa that doesn’t just want your money, they want you to be as happy and healthy as you can be, and they want to help you reach your goals. I would recommend Method Aesthetics to anyone and I will be back for more!!”

Hannah, January 2018

“Amazing experience. Relaxing and I’m getting to take a few years off. Can’t wait to see finished product. Excited.”

Sonja,January 2018

“Friendly people to work with in a very clean, calming atmosphere.”

Theresa, November 2017

“This place was incredibly professional. She asked me about my problem areas before my massage and really did take the time to work on them extra. The environment is clean, warm and inviting. The whole experience was wonderful.”

Julia, September 2016

“Best to arrive 10-25 mins early to complete paperwork if receiving a massage. One of the best massage experiences that I have ever had!”

September 18, 2015

“I’ve had aesthetic treatments in the past, and they were all painful and the results were poor and short-lived. I had little expectations of (MP)². I was glad to discover that treatments are both enjoyable and the results are impressive. I find myself anxiously awaiting the next one.”


“I experienced results at Method Spa unlike anything I’ve encountered anywhere else. What makes the difference has to be Katalin’s lifelong study of nutrition, wellness, and the healing arts.

My skin looks great thanks to the rosacia facials (no more forehead creases or frown lines –– and no Botox!), I have been thrilled with the Venus Freeze (all the elasticity in my dishearteningly-saggy neck came bouncing back and stayed back) and Katalin is as expert a massage therapist as you will ever find — she feels with her hands exactly what needs to happen and just does it).

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, however, and Katalin was providing personalized, holistic therapy long before doing so was even a thing; hence what Method Spa provides a ‘je ne sais quoi’ of an experience… all I can say is: try Method Spa for yourself and you will see this, too.”


“This was literally the best spa package that I’ve ever had. I highly recommend this business.”

December 19, 2015

“Great place to get a massage! The staff is very warm and friendly, I will definitely be back.”

December 11, 2015

“Loved it”

September 26, 2015

“I have absolutely loved every minute I have spent at the spa and always look forward to my next appointment! Every recommendation that I have implemented has always been such a success in my life and my overall wellness I am so thankful I have found this place. Top of the line products and services!

Brittany, February 2018

“My skin texture looks so much better after doing Venus Freeze!Thank you Katalin for using all of your ‘tricks’ on me….you’re the best.

Sharon, age 45, January 2018

“I was a little skeptical of laser hair removal but decided to try it with a Groupon.  Working with Katalin was a pleasure.  She is very professional and I felt comfortable and safe.  And I am happy to say “no more plucking or shaving!” It feels great and it’s a time saver not having to shave my legs every few days.

Rita, September 2017

“Katalin is so knowledgeable about the latest research and development in the area of health & wellness. Every service she offers is all natural, effective, and safe. I trust her advice and highly recommend her services from spa treatments, laser hair removal, fat reduction, and others. She has helped me see health in a different way. Thank you, Katalin!

Helena, December 2017

Hi Katalin! Thank you for taking the time with Erin and me this past Thursday. I was really impressed with the body scan. We are going to try a few of the vitamins that it suggested and I would like to set a foot detox for her at one of the places you recommend. Once again, thank you! We really enjoyed our experience with you.

RuthAnn & Erin

“I am really pleased with the Venus Freeze facial treatments. I tell everyone about Katalin. I can’t begin to thank her enough for helping me turn my life around. I went to Method to improve my appearance and I ended up with so much more. Katalin is probably one of the most caring people I have ever met. She took time and listened to my issues with insomnia, researched the issue, and gave me such wonderful advice that now I sleep and I am so happy. Thank you!”


“Just a note to thank you and let you know how happy I am with the results of my Venus Freeze treatments. My neighbors in Florida say I look thinner and my complexion looks radiant! I’m very pleased with the results and I enjoyed the relaxing treatments. Now, what I love most, is the subtle, but very real, difference in the firmness of my face. I look forward to the continuing development of my collagen.”


“Great friendly place”

December 05, 2015

“It was definitely worth it! Felt like a new woman”

November 25, 2015

“Catalina was great. I was running late and she was super nice about it and accommodating. I will definitely go back to her again.”

June 12, 2015