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If you live in the Pittsburgh area and suffering from urine leakage, then THIS is for YOU …

Discover The Simple, Painless Solution To Urine Leakage

Read on to see how this simple, non-invasive procedure can release you from the hell of urine leakage STARTING TODAY!


From the office of
Katalin Reimann

Imagine turning back the clock to a time when you weren’t afraid to laugh, exercise, jump on a trampoline or lift something for fear of suffering urine leakage.

Sound like a stretch?

Well, that’s what Melissa S from South Carolina thought – until she enjoyed the results of this painless advanced procedure …


Since the birth of my daughter, I had a little leakage when I was exercising or lifting anything.
It was so embarrassing,
But vConfidence was a quick and painless solution!

Melissa S.


Hello, my name is Katalin Reimann and I’m an internationally trained, Board Certified Licensed Medical Aesthetician (LMA) and Holistic Health Practitioner.

Like you, I also suffered from problems following childbirth.

So, after using my medical knowledge to research all the available options, I selected the very same treatment I am now able to offer you as being the very best way forward.  

And I am delighted with the result it gave me – it is like a miracle!

No more leakage of urine and an improved quality of life! That’s why I’m particularly proud to announce mine is the only office in the Pittsburgh area to offer this painless, non-invasive procedure that has proved so successful for me and many other women in other parts of the US.

Because I am a holistic health practitioner, I’m always concerned to work with the body’s own healing mechanisms in preference to invasive surgical procedures.

And the Geneveve procedure fits that requirement perfectly because it encourages the body to naturally rebuild its levels of collagen.

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins, being the ‘building blocks’ of the body that gives structure to our hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments and tendons. It accounts for about 30% of all the protein in our body and 70% of the protein within our skin.

But as we age or impose physical stress on parts of our bodies – through childbirth, for example – collagen production tends to reduce.

So, the painless procedure I use encourages the body to produce more collagen in the problem areas to strengthen the weakened ligaments and tendons, reducing your loss of bladder control as well as restoring natural lubrication to the vaginal area.

That means you can take back control of your bladder!!!

A painless 30-minute procedure is all it takes to bring about this dramatic change

The Geneveve procedure is a clinically proven treatment using radical dual mode equipment that deploys gentle pulses of cryogen-cooled monopolar radio frequency to trigger and accelerate your body’s own natural collagen formation.

The advanced equipment cools and protects the area of the procedure, while heating and energizing the deeper tissue, thus providing a safe, pain-free experience for you while being remarkably effective at stimulating collagen production and repair.

I’m proud to be the only Geneveve Certified Provider to offer this amazing treatment in the Pittsburgh area.

So, if you have been struggling with urinary incontinence, then – following the short, 30-minute procedure – you will immediately enjoy significant improvement.

The painless Geneveve procedure is carried out without anesthetic and, after treatment you can immediately resume your regular activities.

The difference will be that you will experience the sheer joy of having been released from your prison.

You might be wondering this

I’m sure you can immediately understand the freedom from urine leakage this proven procedure offers you, but you’re concerned about the cost.

It’s true: such a procedure that is not only painless, non-invasive and proven to be highly effective SHOULD cost a king’s ransom.

But, precisely because it is so quick, painless and does not involve a surgical procedure, with the corresponding pain and recovery period, the cost is far less than you might imagine at just $2,500.

What’s more, the chances are good that the cost will be taken care of by your medical insurance.

Begin your escape to freedom today

Sadly, this procedure is not suitable for every woman.

So, before I can recommend you undergo the procedure, it is necessary to have a consultation at my office to evaluate the extent of your particular problem.

You now have a crystal-clear choice

You can carry on as before, with that ever-present fear of losing control of your bladder at the most inconvenient moments…

OR …

You can decide, right here, right now, you want to start your escape from your prison today by booking a consultation with me to see if it’s possible to turn back the clock to a time when you were free of urine leakage.

It sounds like your decision, today, is a simple one, so I’m really looking forward to meeting you in my office very soon and seeing if I can help to release you from your urine leaking prison and improve your quality of life.


Katalin Reimann

Katalin Reimann
Board Certified Licensed Medical Aesthetician (LMA)
and Holistic Health Practitioner

P.S. There’s no big decision required today. You simply have to make the simple decision to book your consultation with me to see if my proven procedure is the right solution for you.

YES, Katalin! I want to see if you can release me from my urine leaking prison!