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Why Venus Freeze?

Why Venus Freeze?

Most Patients See Immediate Results with Venus Freeze!

The majority of patients we treat notice results immediately following the first treatment. Your skin will appear more youthful, as well as tighter. Your wrinkles will immediately begin to fade, and will continue to fade even more after each treatment.

Venus Freeze Treatments are Precise

The Venus Freeze MP2 synthesizers are placed directly on the desired areas for which we are focusing treatment. The end result is an extremely more effective and natural treatment.

Venus Freeze Treatments are Pain Free

Venus Freeze treatments promote natural skin healing without damaging delicate skin. Most patients compare the sensation of a Venus Freeze treatment to that of getting a hot stone massage.

Venus Freeze Treatments Improve Blood Circulation

Venus Freeze Treatments increase blood flow throughout the treated area, improving the overall condition of the skin. Through the improvement of circulation, there is a greater supply of oxygen, vitamins and minerals to the cells. Additionally, the treatments and blood flow remove any toxins and waste materials that naturally occur within the skin. The result is a more youthful, healthy look and feel.

Venus Freeze is Not Only Effective, But Safe!

Venus Freeze does not, in any way, damage the skin. The 8 energy waves of Venus Freeze combine into one single matrix, in order to effectively reduce temperature peaks.

Venus Freeze is FDA Approved!

The Venus Freeze treatment has been tested by US labs and has been proven safe and effective for facial wrinkle reduction.

As with any cosmetic procedure, the first step to any cosmetic procedure is to do a complete examination of your skin, and then and create a plan that will result in your optimal look. Additionally, the professionals at Aesthetics and Wellness will perform a complimentary Visia skin analysis, which will help us determine what specific treatment plan will achieve your optimal result.

Take advantage of your *complimentary cosmetic consultation today, so we can show you the ways in which Aesthetics and Wellness can help you improve your appearance and outlook on life!

Call 412-246-9717 or complete the form to request an appointment.

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